Layout Template feature image...

We found the Templates manager in the admin to provide more straight forward access to manage templates. This is especially useful for global templates, great work guys. This is probably more of a feature request as I tested it to no avail, it would be tremendous if we could upload a Feature Image to a layout template through the template post type and it would show up on the Layout Templates modal, similar to your core ones. Lmk, thanks!

Hey Wilson,

That is actually a feature from our Agency version! Take a look at the blog entries below. The Agency version related updates are on the bottom section.

Hope this helps, and let us know if we can assist further! :slight_smile:


Hmm, we do have the Agency version 1.7.2. Where do you add preview images for the saved layouts? I tested adding it through the native WP Feature Image of the Templates section in the admin and it didn’t show up in the Page Builder modal. Mine only show the names. Thanks for your help.

Hi Go Media,

To get your custom templates to show the Featured image. You first need to go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Settings > Page Builder > Templates. From here, check the option “Override Core Templates” and save the changes.

Make sure you have created a template and uploaded a Featured image. If you have, when you go back to the front-end and load the Page Builder > Templates. You should see your Template name with Featured image above.


Ahhh, sweet! Thanks guys. That did the trick. Nicely done.

No worries at all, Wilson! Glad we could help. :slight_smile: