Lightbox for single image

Hey, guys!

I have a quick question. For the Gallery module, there is an option to open the imagens on a lightbox. That lightbox is really great. But, if I’m inserting a single image module, there is only an option to link the picture to the image file.

My question is: there is a way to use that lightbox for a single imagem? I’m inserting imagens in smaller sizes and wanted to open the full image on click, but using that lightbox. If not, at least is a feature suggestion! :slight_smile:


Hey Diego,

Thanks for the suggestion, I too have desired that functionality on a recent client site of ours! While it isn’t available on a single photo module, we have that as a feature request that we plan on developing here in the future. Stay tuned!


Hi, Billy!

That was a really quick answer! :open_mouth:

It’s sad that there isn’t yet this feature, but I’ll be waiting for it! For now, I’ll try to adapt my layouts to avoid that need.

Thank you!

Hi Diego,

Good news! We just added the lightbox option to the photo module in the 1.3.8 release, enjoy! :slight_smile:


Hey, Billy,

I tested it and it’s exactly the thing that I needed!

Thanks for the update!