Link portfolio images to individual portfolio post

Hi - I’m using the BB portfolio page template. By default, clicking on the images will open them in a lightbox. Instead, I’d like to link each image to an individual portfolio post or to a regular post or page that will display the image (at full content width) as well as a description and other pertinent information underneath in title & paragraph form. Can’t find a way to configure the individual images in the BB portfolio to do this. Looks like it’s done globally only. Is there a way to get to the individual images in the portfolio? Thank you so much for your time. :slight_smile:

Update - Sorry, I just noticed there is a “design portfolio” template offered by BB that I can use for the individual portfolio posts. But still there is this issue: how do I link each PF image to the appropriate design portfolio page/post? Thank you!

Hi Kathryn,

The Design Portfolio template uses the Photo Module to display those images. Therefore, you will want to edit each Photo Module and use the Link Settings.

Once there, you can search for your post in the “Link URL” option and save the changes. This should update the URL for that image and link it whatever post/page you selected.



Thank you so much for your response. However, I guess I’m not clear on the whole thing - most likely I’m not explaining this very well.

I am using the “Photo Portfolio” template on one of my pages to display a gallery of images. I want to click on any single one of those images and be taken to it’s own image/description post. Each image/description post will utilize the “Design Portfolio” template.

Implementing the directions I received in your response seems to create a link from the image/description post to the image gallery page rather than from the gallery page to each individual image/description post. If I’m misinterpreting the directions, please forgive me and if possible, please walk me though the steps to set this up properly. Again, sorry for any confusion and thank you kindly for your time.

Hey Kathryn,

Sorry to say but we don’t have such a feature on our Gallery module, nor on any of our modules. We already have that as a feature request though. If you’ve a minute, feel free to vote for it on the link below.

For now, the only way to achieve that is by using individual Photo modules, like what Danny suggested above.