Links aren't opening in new tab


Beaver Builder is great but I just cannot get links to open in a new tab, either by ticking the relevant box in the visual editor or by inserting target="_blank" and rel=“noopener” attributes in the text editor.

When inspecting the html of the preview page the target="_blank" attribute disappears every time, but rel=“noopener” remains. This does not happen when I use the WordPress block editor and so I don’t think the problem is with my theme.

Please can you help? My site URL is

Thank you :slight_smile:

if you view the source of the page the targets are all there and set to blank however in the DOM they have all been removed so it must be javascript that is removing it, some seo or security something, custom code perhaps.

Thanks. I’ve now discovered that the WP Accessibility plugin has a default setting to remove target attributes from links. Changing this setting solves the problem.

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