Links not showing accent or highlight color

I have multiple links in my initial blog post that I have created on my site. None of them are showing accented blue or hover blue, as selected in the customization settings. Additionally, I have tried changing the color values in the row settings for the rows that have links, and still nothing.

Links outside of Beaver Builder modules do show as blue as seen here in the post title and sidebar.

Looking at previous posts on this topic, I have checked:

  • Appearance > Customize > General > Accent color
  • Row Settings > Link Color
  • And yes I am using Beaver Builder theme from the install

I build the full post using BB on posts, as a blog post.

Any ideas on how I can fix the missing link attributes?

I tried adding this .css code

a:link {
color: blue;
background-color: transparent;
text-decoration: underline;

And it changed the link color for the sidebar/header but not the text boxes, but it underlined all the links in the text boxes. Something is preventing the text from accepting a color.

After fooling around more with it, I realized this. I’ve made all my text black #000000 for readability, rather than the default transparent grey text. When I remove the color and set it to transparent, it accepts the blue accent color. I’ve tried this on both row settings and module settings, it only allows accent color on transparent text, without a chosen text color.

Is there any way to have both of these? I prefer black text versus the grey, but I also want my text accented blue.