Litespeed ESI and Beaver Themer

Hey All,

It would be AMAZING if Beaver Themer integrated in with Litespeed’s ESI feature… The ability to specify that a module support ESI (Say for a themer header layout, or the menu module within that layout) would be awesome.

I know right now that Litespeed does support the integration of ESI with shortcodes. So perhaps I could save the menu module as a saved module, and then add the ESI parameters to it. I may give that a go!

Has anyone else tried this?


I tried to add the ESI parameter to the Beaver Builder layout shortcode and it broke. Lol. That didn’t work.

Not sure what you are trying. Are you wanting to add the header/footer on single event details page?

The ESI parameter basically tells Litespeed (And other caching tools that support ESI) that the module should be generated on request, while the rest of the page can be served from the cache.

For example, I would specify that the menu module would support ESI. Then all pages would be cached, with the exception of the menu module within the page.

Does that make sense? Take a look at this page for further info: