Load beaver builder on page template without wp_head and wp_footer hooks


I’ve got a page with a single beaver builder row that I’d like to display without everything else from the wp_head and wp_footer hooks. I’ve built a page template that loads the_content but without the head/footer hooks none of the styles for the row get loaded.

Is there something I can add to my template to load just the required beaver builder assets?

Without wp_head and wp_footer hooks:

The wp_head and wp_footer are kind of essential as thats where scripts and styles are rendered.

Most themes have a no header/footer template if yours does not you will have to add some code to remove the actions you do not want rendered in the header and footer using remove_action

Thanks so much for your reply, I realize this is outside support, but appreciate your looking at it! It’s actually my own theme, and I’m specifically trying to remove the unneeded styles and scripts so I can load this page with javascript onto another, and reload every 90 seconds.

Is there an add_action that the plugin uses to inject its code into the head/footer that I can replicate on my page template, targeting my own do_action?


instead of:
add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘the_function_bb_uses_to_load_assets’);

something like:
add_action(‘my_action_hook’, ‘the_function_bb_uses_to_load_assets’);

BB just uses wp_enqueue_style/script

Ah gotcha, and isn’t a small set of scripts that we can call from the page template to load 'em? No biggie, thanks for your help. I’ll just build the content for that page without BB. It’s just so much easier to drag-and-drop :smiley:

I ended up just working backward and figuring out what CSS was needed from the HTML output. Grabbed the contents of that, called it from the page and boom, looks great without the head and footer action hooks. Thanks again for your help!