Load the same content page


is there a way to load the same content page? This will allow to write on the backend still using BB to load the same page. For example there is a page “test”. BB will load the content of the “test” page in the backend, inside the post module. The module is already loading all the pages, posts and cpts that are in the database, with the only exclusion of the same post it is in. Im looking to remove the code that limits this call to the database only for this specific page.

??? Don’t understand your question. Could you please clarify?

Hi Leo it’s about this:

Beaver Builder Alert pop up: Switching to Text Editor mode will disable your Page Builder layout until it is enabled again. Any edits made while in Text Editor mode will not be made on your Page Builder layout. Do you want to continue?

Im using a CPT for content and then BB to load it into a page. I was wondering how to load into a module directly the same page Im working on with BB (yes, to bypass the above limit). This doesn’t switch who is controlling the page, just prevents you to modify the text in the frontend, which is anyway slower. Could be an option.

Hey Edo,

I’m really sorry but I just don’t understand what you’re trying to do or am I just missing something? If you’re going to put content on the native WP Text Editor, you wouldn’t need BB to pull up the content as it would automatically be the content. If, however, you wanted to use BB to add more content, all content from the native WP editor will be placed under 1 Text Editor module once you activate the Page Builder.


Hi Ben

what you’re trying to do [...]
Using the WP text editor to write the content and BB to design the rest of the page.

Try it yourself, write some content on BB and load the page you are in on a post module. Then update it with the wp text editor and reload BB. You will see both contents coexisting there (tabs and accordions get broken) until you save again with BB. Probably a weird question but I wanted to be sure loading the content from another post was the only way to do this. Where I can get more informations about how BB handles the post_content, to understand why both editors can’t be used and db calls.


Hi Edo,

Unfortunately, it has to be one or the other. When using BB’s front-end editor, the WP editor content is overwritten by hooking FLBuilder::render_content to the_content filter.

Let me know if you have any questions about that.


ok thanks