Load times using Beaver Builder

Hey Guys,

My load time is getting effected by always running Beaver Builder on my site: www.indiefilmhustle.com

Is there a way to turn it off and still maintain my site functionally?


Hey Alex,

No, if you disable BB, all of your layouts would migrate back into single column WP pages. How do you know BB is affecting your load times?


Well here is my bench test: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/indiefilmhustle.com/kCT6NpCd

When I pull off the beaver my rating sky rockets to an A rating.

Hmm, I don’t put much stock into tools such as this, but it is looking like a lot can be improved on the server side. In addition, are you using a caching plugin? If not, you definitely should. I would suggest contacting your hosting provider to see how you are doing on memory load and if not so great, definitely up it as that will help.


Which one do you suggest?

I don’t really have a suggestion there, but you could also try P3 profiler to make sure other plugins aren’t causing the issues. The host/cache suggestions are important though so I would definitely look into those.


Has nothing to do with BB, Alex. My site has 39 Plugins beside BB and scores A (91%) and B (82%) without any optimization efforts from my side. As a caching Plugin I’m using WP Rocket. It cost money but is worth it. I tried them all.

My advice as experienced developer: Don’t become a slave of these tools (like Billy mentioned already).

Hope this helps,