Local Videos Play in Beaver Builder, but Not on Main Site

Hi, first time posting.

I’ve created 4 posts in WordPress using the Beaver Builder video module. Each post contains a local video that I’ve uploaded to the website, and each post is displayed on my Video page like a blog:


Previously, my videos used to show just fine, but now videos aren’t updating (one old video is persisting) and the others are just blank on the page… although you can see the space where the video is supposed to be loading.

However, I can see the video and even play them when I’m editing them individually in the Beaver Builder, and immediately after I click Save and Publish. But as soon as I refresh the page, or click to view them on the Video page, they stop displaying.

Video While and Immediately After Editing in Beaver Builder shows fine:

But when I refresh the page the video is blank and doesn’t load.

The HTML for the blank videos only show the following:

 <div class="fl-video fl-wp-video" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/VideoObject">
    	<meta itemprop="url" content="http://secureservercdn.net/">
    	<meta itemprop="thumbnail" content="">

You can see there’s no < video > tag or other required video HTML… But the one that’s 'still showing has much more HTML including a < video > tag.

Are the video file sizes an issue? The blank videos are 25MB, 28MB and 65MB respectively… but I had a larger video working before.


Update - I’ve tried compressing and replacing the videos - 2MB videos don’t show either.

Also, I’ve tried adding new posts with new videos, and they’re not showing either.

So, only when I’m using Beaver Builder (and immediately after clicking Publish when the Beaver Builder code is still present) do the videos load. If you visit the page directly, or refresh the page after editing, then the video doesn’t load.

See -

Did you check the browser’s console, looking for error messages?
Just checked, no error in my browser…

I did - the console didn’t show any errors.

When you say no errors, are you meaning no errors in the console log? Or are you saying you see the videos on your end?

I’m still stuck… Any insights into why this might be happening? Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, i mean no error in my console, and the video doesn’t show up :confused: