Logo briefly appears then appears broken in header

My logo flickers for a moment in the header and then disappears: www.quarterbackdigital.com. I have tried many different files but they all won’t display. How would I go about fixing this?


Hey Glen,

That is actually a bug that we have when you use the Shrink header layout. We’ve already fixed this on our end though and should be available on the next maintenance patch. :slight_smile:


I thought that too, changed it to fixed, but the issue remains - cleared cache, different browsers, mobile, etc. Whatever I do, the image just flickers for a 1/8s then disappears.

Fixed the issue - turned out I didn’t have a retina logo specified, but I thought the theme would default to the regular image if a retina logo isn’t there. Is this right?

Hi Glen,

Can you record the issue, so we can make sure this is actually related to the issue Ben mentioned. As I have just this moment uploaded a logo image and not used the Retina option and I see no issue.