Logo Not Resizing in Firefox

The logo for my website (http://creativelearningchildcare.com) is not resizing properly in firefox and is instead displaying at full size of around 1000px. It resizes normally in safari and chrome. Haven’t tested IE.

Hi Nathan,

Sorry to hear about the issues and I swear we came upon this in an early dev cycle and fixed! Can you tell me what version of the plugin/theme you are on currently? For reference, the latest plugin version is 1.5.0 and latest theme version is 1.2.5.


Hi, Nathan.
I just tested your site in my Firefox. It seems that this code is causing the issue:

.fl-page-nav-right .fl-page-header-row > div {
    display: table-cell;
    float: none;
    vertical-align: middle;

Perhaps you’d like to check on this. If I uncheck the float: none; it seems to work. I didn’t check what these changes cause in Chrome.

Hope this helps,

I have version 1.2.5 of the theme and 1.5.0 of the plugin.

I changed float:none; to float:left; and it looks normal now. Thank you for the help.

Perfect - congrats, Nathan, always welcome. It’s a nice looking site. But you have to make at least one more change. At the breakpoint where the navigation changes to hamburger menu your logo is not responding to the viewport size. This stays down to mobile phone size.

Just put the necessary code in the media queries and you’re done.

Regards, Leo