Logo Questions?

The site is currently public at goodschooling.net.

  1. Can someone help me understand the differences between the logo files I need to upload for Regular and Retina Logo?

  2. I am using the sticky header. When I view my page on my iPad in landscape mode, as I scroll down and the header shrinks, the logo also constricts, squeezing together a little. It doesn’t look good. Any idea what my problem is?

Thanks for your time!

Hey Daniel,

  1. Retina logos need to have at least twice the resolution of your standard logo since retina displays have a very high pixel density; probably twice as much as the standard display.
  2. Try placing a retina logo matching the description above and see if that fixes it.


OK. Thanks! I just put a 330 x 43 version in the Logo slot and a 660 x 86 version in the Retina slot. Unfortunately, it still squeezes together on the iPad. I must be missing some simple thing, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Any other ideas?

Hmmm… maybe there is a place to set the width of the stick header logo area. I’m off to check!

I just wanted to add, that looking at my site on a 13" Mac Book Pro with Retina, the logo squeezes together on here, too. Something to do with that retina logo, I’m guessing. Not sure what, though.

Here’s a quick Droplr Screencast to demonstrate. http://d.pr/v/ufXf/E6jlWoi1

Hey Daniel,

Our lead dev is currently checking this one out. Sorry as I forgot to give you an update yesterday.


Understood. Thanks for the update. I hope we can get this solved soon. It’s annoying to view the logo on any retina screen.