Logo width

Hi support,

I’m trying to a 1000px wide logo image. In firefox I’m getting the full width but quality of the logo text is not as original, in other browsers the image isn’t extending to full 1000px width. I’ve tried a work round adding the logo image as a background image in the header using CSS from a previous post on the forum but that’s not working at all.

Is there CSS that would work to make the logo extend to 1000px?

I’ll send you login following this.



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Hey Gerry,

The particular design skin you are using may be the issue here as it isn’t necessarily intended for a banner type logo. One option that helped was setting the menu to centered as opposed to bottom. You’ll see the banner is working the way it should now in the site you mentioned. Hope that helps!


Hi Billy,

Thanks a lot for helping with this, that seems to work well.

If my client wants to have the menu in the same position as it was do you know of any other possible solution?



Hi Gerry,

Yes, I believe the below will get you going there.

.fl-page-nav-centered .fl-page-nav ul.navbar-nav {
float: left;