Looking for Site Developer


I built a site using BB and Themer last year, and really need to hire someone to develop the site for me. The site is an aesthetics site, and someone who recently looked at it said it was crap, and probably scaring people away.
I am not a web site designer so basically have done nothing with Themer apart from add colours, and the same with BB. It’s basically just white.
The site is https://elmskinclinics.co.uk.
Have a look, and please get in touch with me if you are interested in helping me. Please showcase your work, give me an idea of cost for the project, and any ideas you might have etc
You can contact me by email : u2candothis@fastmail.fm



You can hire a developer or agency via our recommended builders page. :slight_smile:


Thanks Danny,
I was looking for that link but couldn’t find it.