Mad Mimi Double Opt-in

I am trying to figure out a new email service. I’m trying Mad Mimi. Everything seemed to be working swimmingly until I signed myself up for my list and discovered that it was only single opt-in. My email got put on the list, but I didn’t have to click a confirmation link.

Mad Mimi support was extremely attentive, but said there was nothing they could do about it on their end. This confused me as this is one thing that worked perfectly with GetResponse (who I just left). MM support seems to think that it’s the BB form that is not allowing for double opt-in. I’m confused.

Any thoughts? Your form design and simplicity is key to two of my sites, but so is double opt-in.


To further elaborate…

I have now set up GetResponse and MailChimp in the Subscription module, and in both cases, it “defaulted,” for lack of a better term, to double opt-in. With Sendinblue and Mad Mimi it defaults to single opt-in.

Is there any way to make Mad Mimi use double opt-in the same way GetResponse and MailChimp do using the Subscription module? MM support seems to think this is something that has to happen on BB end.

Thanks for looking into it. I REALLY want to use Mad Mimi instead of MC or GR. I’ve lost interest in Sendinblue.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll share the info with the guys and see what they say. We do have a filter to enable single opt-ins for MailChimp via a filter. Maybe we can do the same for the others.


Thanks for checking into it. I’d really love to get Mad Mimi double opt-in working if it’s possible. I don’t know what it is that makes MC and GR use it but not MM and others. Something in the API maybe.

Either way, thanks again for trying.

Hey Daniel,

I’ve already submitted a bug report for this so our lead dev can check. Once again, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:


Hey Daniel,

Our lead dev took a pass at this but it seems MadMini’s API doesn’t support double opt-ins. It only works with their app.