MailChimp for WordPress comment integration for comment odd placement

I’m currently working on transitioning over to the BB theme and I’m experiencing an odd occurrence that doesn’t happen with my current theme (and I know it has worked in multiple other themes also).

I use the MailChimp for Wordpress plugin with an integration to add a subscribe selection box when commenting. In the BB theme the select box shows up UNDER the submit comment button rather than just above it. Is this something with it not being able to hook the proper spot in the BB theme?

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi Nick,

Your assumption is most likely. Therefore, to resolve your issue and get your subscribe selection box in the correct position. You’re going to need to install the BB child theme if you haven’t already and do the following:

  1. In your code editor create a new file and call it comments.php.
  2. Add the code in the link below to the file and save.

  1. Upload the comments.php file to your child theme directory.

When you visit your comments now, the subscribe selection box should be above the Submit button.


Hope this helps.

Rather than hard coding that into the comments, I wanted to figure out where MC 4 WP was hooking into so I played with the code a bit and found if I moved this line of code:

<?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?>

above the submit button then MC4WP could hook into the proper spot (so that’s where it was hooking into).

Would that have any adverse affect on how the comments worked? I tested it a bit and couldn’t see anything wrong, but I don’t want to break something I’m not seeing.


Hi Nick,

I did this on my local test site via a child theme and didn’t notice any issues (albeit a quick test). So you should be able to make this change.

However, if you do notice any odd behaviour, please let us know.