Mailchimp on Localhost installations

Hi there,

I did run into an issue when trying to activate Mailchimp in an localhost env (xampp).
After filling in the Mailchimp API key it didn’t work, but it didn’t give me an error message either.

I just found out what the issue was and managed to solve it by following these steps:

  1. Download cacert.pem file from here:
  2. Save the file in your PHP installation folder. (eg: If using xampp – save it in c:\Installation_Dir\xampp\php\cacert.pem).
  3. Open your php.ini file and add this line:
  4. curl.cainfo=”C:\Installation_Dir\xampp\php\cacert.pem”
  5. Restart your Apache server and that should fix it (Simply stop and start the services as needed).

Maybe you could catch this error and inform users on how to solve it (by showing an error message)?

Hey Anne,

Thanks for taking the time to inform us about this! I’ve already assigned another member of the team to check on this. :slight_smile:


Hi Anne,

Thanks for the heads up on this. Would you mind posting the error message that you get? I’ll have a look into it.


Hi Justin,

Sorry for the late reply.
I didn’t get any error message from the Beaver Builder subscribe module; it just didn’t work.
An error message would have helped though :slight_smile:

Because it didn’t work I decided to try out Yikes’ Easy Forms for MailChimp.

This plugin gave an error message after saving the Mailchimp API key. After following the steps mentioned earlier, both the Beaver Builder subscribe module and the Easy Forms plugin worked.

The error (from Yikes’ Easy Forms for MailChimp) was: “API call to helper/ping failed: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate


Thanks, Anne. That is very helpful!