Make background image a clickable URL link

I found the same question here:

But I don’t understand the answer. Can someone please help a beginner with simple instructions. Some of my images are in a column, some are in rows.

Many thanks.

You need small JQuery code for it.

Thanks very much.
Can you provide something I can copy and paste and make it clear how I need to customise it please?
There’s some code in the question I linked to, but I don’t understand which bits I need to make my own and where I find the right references to use.
If you could talk me through it I’d be really grateful!

Please check this tutorial

Thanks very much for the link.
But I’m a complete novice at this.
I need step by step instructions.

This is what I’ve tried, (but it doesn’t work)…

Click Row Settings.
Under HTML Element gave ID and Class a name:
I don’t know if both need a name or just one or if they need to be different?!
Click Title menu, Click Layout CSS & Javascript
Under JavaScript tab I type:
window.location = “”;
Click Save, click Publish

What have I done wrong?