Making the Main Footer Stick to the Bottom of Browser Window

My apologies if I missed this in the forums but I’m trying to figure out how to make the main footer stick to the bottom of the browser window on shorter pages without using a block or module to push it farther down the page. Any information or suggestions highly appreciated

Screen Capture of Footer Issue

Hi:) , this will do it:

.fl-page-footer {position:absolute;width:100%;bottom:0; left:0;}

Hey Haris,

Thanks for jumping in! :slight_smile:


If the above doesn’t work out for you, check out the article on the link below and see if it helps. You may need to add additional background color to the .fl-page class.


Thanks for the helpful tips. I’ll try this out and see what happens. I appreciate the great info from both!

Thanks again!

So far everything seems to work. Thanks again guys!

Awesome! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile:


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Hey Cooperata,

Awesome that you figured it out! Do you mind sharing what it was that caused it? :slight_smile: