Mangwa Valley Game Lodge - New Client Website with transparent header. :)

Still working out a few mobile kinks, but this is pretty much it. Feedback appreciated. :slight_smile:

Really nice work, Geoffrey! Just one thing, I noticed the images on this page are broken…

Hi Justin

Fixed the issue thanks. I tried to log this a concern before here on the forums. When I migrated the website, the images all went into thumbnail mode. The links were mot broken, see image below … any work around ? Since this happens with a lot of my websites.

image upload error

Have you tried clearing the Beaver Builder cache?

BTW, what do you use for GIFs like that?

Hi Justin

I will try that thanks. The program for the gifs is called screen to gifs.

Its pretty cool i must say. Like making short movies that are extreemly light weight. Great for short tutorials or how to’s in your plugin.

Thanks, Geoffrey!

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Hey Geoffrey,

Give this CSS a shot to fix that…

.fl-page-header { background-color: #000; }