Margin Gap when CF7 form added using Text editor

Hey Guys

I’m having a problem with a new site when adding CF7 shortcode into a text editor and I cant locate the gap in the code.

It’s causing a large gap at the bottom of the page and its happening on 2 pages where CF7 is rendered in the page.

Links to follow…

Could you take a quick peek please?

Thanks Kat

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Hey Kat,

Not really sure what’s happening there but it seems a <strong></strong> tag’s been added to every few divs or so. Could be done by the CF7 form. Not really sure if that’ll cause any additional problems but you can try using the CSS snippet below and see if it fixes the current one.

.page-id-3587 .fl-post, .page-id-3600 .fl-post {
  margin-bottom: 0px;