Margins and padding

I have a question, I have searched the knowledge base to no avail. I have a row that has the RSS feed in the left module, and a video in the right module. It looks like screenshot 1. (see how the colored boxes are not the same size?). I would like it to look like screen shot 2. (even boxes). But since our RSS feed changes each week, so of the titles are bigger than others, so the margins on the bottom respond to the length of the feed entries.

If each module is in its own column, set the cols to equal height and set a color to each col background.

Thanks! I was hoping there was another solution, but for now, that is what I will do. I will increase the margins at the bottom.

I found a better option:

Hmm, that’s what i told you :wink:

oh! Sorry, I misunderstood you. But at least I got there.