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Hey there BBers,

Just put my latest site live, i’m pretty pleased with it:

Other front-end plugins used:

  • Essential Grid for Portfolio
  • GS Logos for logo carousel

Any questions let me know.



Looking great, Chris! Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to check out those plugins you mention. Pretty cool stuff!


Thanks Billy, Essential Grid is pretty well know.

As for the logo slider, I think a carousel module in BB would be much better :slight_smile: Yes I will add that as a feature request!

Hi Chris,

Nice site. I’m trying to make a row overlap another row. I see in your new site partway down you have three pictures overlapping the full width image above them. Can you tell us how you did that?

Thanks for any insight,

It’s a negative margin on the callout module (not the row) of -30 (the key bit is the - )

Thanks Chris! That’s getting me there. But now how do I make them be on top? In my 3 column row I have a shortcode in a text widget for a slider from another plugin then three callouts each set to a negative top margin. The callouts move up and under the widget module.

Sorry for being such a newbie. I really appreciate your help.


Hard to tell without seeing it.

That sounds like a z-index issue with the the shortcode plugin you are using. You might need custom CSS for that.

If you post a link I can have a look but it’s likely to be with the CSS in the third part thingy.

Have you tried it with a standard Beaver Builder row above it (as a test)?

You were right, it was a z-index issue. Adjusting the margins on the modules does the trick!

However, I may have went a little overboard with adjusting the margins on a heading module and now I can’t grab it to delete it. When I hover over it, the control bar comes up for it, but when I move the mouse away from it to click an icon, the control bar disappears again. Uggg. Any ideas on how to grab it? I’ve tried adding rows, deleting/moving modules, but I still can’t seem to get to it.

Never mind. I was able to duplicate the modules I wanted in the row, move those, then remove the row to get rid of the elusive heading. :slight_smile:

Nice one

Nice work! Thanks also for sharing about how to do the raised up features area, that is something I plan to implement in the website I’m working on as well.

Hey, quick question… On this page: how did you get the section with the box that has the blue border to show up? Which module is in use there? And are the contents pulled in via custom types or you manually put those in each time?


Ok I think I figured out something…use the call to action modules, add strong to make stuff bold where needed and then on the column add a border…nice! :slight_smile:

Very nice use of color!