Media Library Looks Crazy

Hi – Im not a developer. Just downloaded beaver builder yesterday. Im Just someone looking forward to building simple pages without bugging my developer.

The media library looks crazy now. I’m unable to build pages because I can identify images in the library. This problem doesn’t not exist if i close beaver builder.

Media Library Issue

Using both IE and Chrome with same results.

Great to be apart of beaver builder.

Hi Mark! Sorry you’re having trouble. This is a bizarre bug!

Is this happening when you access the Media Library through the WordPress admin panel, or is it happening when you access the Media Library through Beaver Builder (or both)?

It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a plugin conflict causing this. Could you please try disabling your other plugins and see if that resolves the issue? If it does, enable your plugins one-by-one to pin point the culprit.

Also, if you can send us a temporary admin login to the site we would be happy to take a look. Thanks!