Media Library not loading, uploader not working in page editor

Hi all,

Having an issue with BeaverBuilder Media Library, it does not load and I cannot search the Media Library. Also, when I try to upload a new photo to the Media Library from the page editor, it says there has been an error.

I have deactivated many plugins to test for conflict and found nothing. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you for your time.

The uploader is saying there is an error, but then the media still appears on the WordPress Dashboard in the Media category. Still cannot swap photos in BeaverBuilder page editor.

Links to screenshots of issue:

Make sure your site and admin are both using same protocol either both http or both https.

Hi, I have the same issue. Has it been solved yet?

Hi, I’m not being able to load the Media library in Beaver Builder too. May I ask if the problem been solved yet?