Menu Bug When Navigating Site

I have written about this issue before in the forum and I was told that its my connection speed, which is total rubbish as I have 150MB broadband and achieve 160MB wired and 100MB on wifi.

So far every site I have built using BB has had the same problem and I now its a problem because my clients are complaining about it.

I am pretty certain there is a bug in the menu module, which causes the mobile version of the menu to appears very quickly when pages load.

It cannot be coincidence, if all my clients, whom all are using different hosting companies having the same issue and asking me to fix the problem. But how do you fix a problem with a module of the BB Theme.

Why would the mobile menu load first on a desktop version of the site?

Do you have any advice that will solve this issue as I have built 8 sites and all have the same issue.

Hey Darren,

I believe you are referring to this other thread you posted which is left hanging. Would it be possible if you could reply on that thread and let’s take it from there? :slight_smile: