Menu Module question

Hi, I’ve just discovered the Menu module and this community after using Beaver Builder for years!

I have three questions:

  1. I’ve been experimenting with replicating the native menu with some changes. But you can see that the blue background isn’t covering the entire width of the screen:

The Music Center - Battle Creek Boychoir. Changing lives through music. (

  1. Once I get it to where I want it, how do I hide the native menu?

  2. The Beaver Builder knowledge base suggests you can create an entirely new menu (separate from the two available in WordPress) which would be very helpful to me. But I haven’t seen how to do that

Menu | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base (

  • Use special menus in your Beaver Builder page layouts. For example, if you have one group of static pages on your site related to a particular topic, you could create a special menu for the pages in that particular group and display the links in a Menu module on the main page in that group.
  • If you have FAQs that contain fairly long answers, create a separate post for each individual FAQ, then create a menu item for each post, then use that menu in a Menu module embedded in your page content. That menu serves as a table of contents linking to the post that contains the answer. The following screenshot shows an example of a menu used as an FAQ table of contents.