Menu not showing using Beaver Themer

Hi all,

I’ve just started using Themer on my astra theme in cahoots with the BB plugin.

I’m facing an issue now were all my pages with the themer header are not showing the main menu. It’s only appearing on the home page. All the settings are set to show in the page edit sections and I can’t work it out.

Can someone assist?

My page is

You will see my header is working on home page but when you click a link it disappears on other pages.


This is happening because on your home page you’re using the Astra theme’s header. But on your other pages you’re using the Themer header layout which replaces your theme’s header.

If you want your Astra theme header to appear on all pages, I would recommend not using the header layout type and instead use a Part layout with a locate of something after the header.

… what @Danny said. In addition, if you want you can add a menu to the themer header to replicate the look (or not) of the menu on the home page.

@Danny - you’re a legend! Thanks so much. It looks much better now site wide.

One final question for you…

How do I remove the “SEO/ By ‘Author’” section on blog posts?

I think that is the Astra breadcrumbs, you can disable that by following the instructions below. :slight_smile:

@Danny - hmmm not breadcrumbs. I thought that was it but no luck. It only appears on posts?

Hmm, not sure it looks like their breadcrumbs. I would recommend contacting their support and see what they suggest. :slight_smile:

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It’s not a breadcrumb… looks more like content added in the header or maybe it’s a themer part that is set to fire after the Nav or header, or maybe before the post content.