Menu problem


When i login to my site and click on Profile - Notifications - Messages - Friends the Members buttons stays highlighted.

Any ideas

Is user1


Hey Brian,

I’m not too sure to be honest, but I believe this isn’t Beaver Builder related. It appears you are using some type of membership plugin, but I can’t really tell without admin access. If you want to send that, I can quickly see what might be going on. Make sure to use private reply if you send that info.


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Hi Billy

An answer i got from someone who helped me wit this problem.

This problem is occurring because the buddypress used member/ as a prefix for its urls. Like for example
if you go to Notifications page, its url was like Similarly for other pages. To
solve this problem, I created a new php file in your wp-content/plugins folders and in that php file, I
write <?php define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES’, true ); ?>. This removes the word ‘member’ from
the url.

Awesome, I had a feeling you would get some pretty good support over there quickly! :slight_smile: