meta tag description

Dear Ben and all,
I have looked through the forums, and on the basis of that added the meta tag subscription (inclusive the code) to first the customizer-code-head and when that wasn’t working the customer-code-header.
Then I installed a plugin (add meta tag) and put the description (exclusive of the code) in the description box on the homepage.
Only nothing works. Does it take a while for the description to appear on Google when you search the name of your website? Or what else could it be?
Thank you, Pascall

Hey Pascall,

I’m not entirely sure about when meta descriptions appear on Google, not really an SEO expert. But I do know we’re not doing anything special to meta tags. Yoast SEO does a good job at this, have you tried using it?

I think the best way to check if your meta tags are updated is to check the markup of your pages. Or you could use online analyzers such as the link below. Not sure if there are any other but that’s the first result when Googled. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and let us know if we can assist further!