Microthemer not picking up custom css class in dom


On this page http://bmc-client.co.uk/farmright/ I’m trying to be able to pick up a style .ctaBlock h3 to allow the blue call to action module title to drop down and clear the graphic.

I am using Microthemer and frustratingly its not picking up this bit of custom code (.ctaBlock) that I put in the Call to Action Module neither does CSSeditor. I am using Dynamik genesis child theme. Could you tell me the best way to optimise BB custom css so it is clearly seen by Microthemer.

Many thanks

Hey Charles,

The reason why MicroThemer is having a hard time picking it up is because there is an element on top of it, which is the Photo module. I’d suggest removing the negative top margin you’ve placed on the Callout module, style it using MicroThemer, then put back the negative margin. Or, since you already know which class to target, just do the style manually.