Migrated Dev site to Live URL and lost all of BB Layouts


I have only recently started to use Beaver Builder and have been very impressed so far. BUT…

I have just moved my site over from a Developement domain (Dev) to the new live domain (Live) and now I have lost all of the BB builder layout and CSS relating to the content.

I done everything you say to do migrate the site. I have migrate many WordPress sites in the past but this is the first with BB and it’s proving to be a pain.

Hey Hullabaloo,

Sorry to hear you’re having this trouble. Have you gone through our Migrating a Site To Another Domain knowledge base article? We suggest using the beta 3.0.0 version of the script since it works best with our plugin.

Hope this helps!


Yeah I have looked through that and ran the beta 3.0.0 version.

Without any luck.

I do think it’s DB issue due to the fact I created another test sub domain and pointed to the same DB and the new sub domain worked as the dev site does.

Hey Hullabaloo,

That’s good to hear! Why don’t you try doing the migration process again and see how it goes?


Just to be clear the Search & Replace DB is for changing the URL throughout the DB?

Is that correct?

Because I haven’t seen clear explanation of it’s use.

Hey Hullabaloo,

Yes, that’s exactly the use of that script. But it’s not just the standard search and replace as it handles serialized data as well which BB uses a lot. You can read more of that using this link.