Misc. Theme relates questions

Hi Guys,

Just started working with the BB theme on georgekincaid.collector.ac.
It’s really great.

  • On drop-down menus, the top-level link is active.
    Can I make it inactive, to just link to the sublevels?
    (This can’t be global, not all top levels have sublevels)

  • where is the setting to change blog layout to gallery or grid?

  • I’m using a sendgrid API to send Wordpress emails via STMP, not PHP.
    (This works well with Contact Form 7.)
    But the BB email module is not working. Do you think that is why?

  • can you recommend a theme with side menu that works well with BB?
    Any plans to create a side-menu BB theme?

Thanks, Tom

Hi William,

  1. If you want to set it so that the drop down menus parent item has no active styling. You will need to use CSS as there is no option for it.
.fl-page-nav ul.navbar-nav > li.current-menu-item.menu-item-72 a,
.fl-page-nav ul.navbar-nav > li.current-menu-item.menu-item-79 a,
.fl-page-nav ul.navbar-nav > li.current-menu-item.menu-item-248 a {
    color: #ffffff;
  1. If you have your blog set as your home page or as a Post page via the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Settings > Reading, then there is no option to change the layout of your blog. As Beaver Builder can not work on generated pages by WordPress such as your Posts page.

Therefore, to use Beaver Builder on your blog/news page. You’re going to need to set a Static front-page and leave the Posts page option blank. Then create a new page called Blog/News and then you can use Beaver Builder on that page. To get your posts on that page use the Posts module and set the layout to your liking.

  1. I am not familiar with SendGrid, are you saying your email is setup by and goes though there system?

  2. I only really use the Beaver Builder theme. Therefore, I am unable to recommend one. You could try the 2015 theme by WordPress - https://wordpress.org/themes/twentyfifteen/


Hi Danny,

1… Pasting the above code into Customizer > Code > CSS Code had no effect.
Should I be putting it somewhere else??

  1. Works great, thanks.

  2. SendGrid provides an API key to send WP emails via SMTP. The default WP emails sent via PHP land in the junkbox over half the time. It works great, I recommend it highly!

Retested, and the contact widget is now receiving fine in hotmail, gmail, and zohomail. So it’s resolved.

  1. OK.

Hi William,

Happy to hear all but one of your questions have been resolved.

So I can test the code myself, can you provide temp admin access to your site, please? As it was working on my site albeit with different ID’s.


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Hi Tom,

I apologise, I have been calling you William throughout this topic. :smiley:

I have gone ahead and tweaked the CSS, can you take a look and see if this resolves your issue.


Hi Danny,

No problem. I go by my middle name.

newwork.co seems unaffected. The two dropdowns are About and Portfolio.
Both the top level links still work… I’m trying to set them as inactive.


Hey Tom,

Sorry, but did you want to remove the actual links on those top level menus? If so, you’ll want to make them as Custom Links instead of pages. I found a Youtube video that demonstrates how to get it done. You can check it below.


Hi Ben & Danny,

This worked just fine. Thanks!


No worries at all, Tom! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: