Mobile Menu - Clear Header + Change text "menu"

Hi there

I have selected the menu option not the hamburger option for the mobile menu. I am struggling to get 2 things right:

  1. I want to change the “menu” text in mobile mode to something else.
  2. How can i change the menu background so it does not show the header background in mobile view ?

Hey Geoffrey,

Just took a look at the site. Are you familiar with Child Theme? Grab a copy in your “Downloads and Orders” page. Use a child theme so it doesn’t get lost when you update the theme. Insert the code below into the Child Theme functions.php file. Change the “Main Menu” text to anything you want.

function my_nav_toggle_text( $text ) {
    return 'Main Menu';
add_filter( 'fl_nav_toggle_text', 'my_nav_toggle_text' );

To remove background color of your menu. Insert the below CSS snippet into the Child Theme style.css

.fl-page-nav .navbar-toggle,
.fl-page-nav .navbar-toggle:focus,
.fl-page-nav .navbar-toggle:hover {
    background: transparent;