Modules are not adding in

When I attempt to add a module, it is not adding to the page. Once I click and begin to drag the module, it stops moving and does not get added onto the page. I’ve disabled plugins and removed a theme. I tried in Firefox and Chrome. Nothing works.

How do I know what them will work well with Beaver Builder. I just deactivated the them I was using and installed a free wordpress theme and it works fine.

Hey Sonya,

Welcome to the BB forums!

We got a list of known incompatibilities but so far we’ve only been able to determine plugins. What theme are you using?

The issue you’re experiencing normally has something to do with the way the template is coded on the theme. It’s most likely that they don’t have the Wordpress function the_content() wrapped in a loop, which is required for BeaverBuilder to work correctly. I’ve included a snippet below showing how to do this.

if(have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post();
endwhile; endif;