Modules in tabs + Anchor problem

Hi there

  • Nested modules:
    • Map in tab: Is it possible to add a map to a tab? I have a page with a Facts section organised in tabs, and in one of those tabs I would like to place a map. The kind one can add using the Map module would be fine. But a map module inside a tab module…?
    • And similar: Columns inside a tab?
      Is it eventually recommendable to use some spesific short code plugin to achieve this?
  • Anchor problem: I’ve tried to make links from the top of a page to different sections in the same page using anchors as described here:
    More precisely, I’ve used IDs down in a tab section and then link to it from the top: In the Tabs’ Settings > Advanced > ID field I’ve set “fakta” and in the red links at the page top here - - I’ve inserted links like #fakta + #fakta-1 + #fakta-2
    When clicking the links, the tabs open perfectly but the page doesn’t scroll down.
    My guess is that this has to do with some setting in the Bridge theme I use. Ben would have a copy of the theme and helped me out on a theme connected problem just 3 days ago. Would you know which setting that could cause the problem? Or even better: What kind of settings tend to make problems like this?

Hey Kjetil,

Adding elements inside tabs/accordion items has already been requested but unfortunately, the team declined the idea. You can check the links below.

I am experiencing the same problem on my local dev server regarding the smooth scrolling on tabs so I’ll discuss this with the team and if needed submit a bug report. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:


OK - thank you
Then at least I know how to think about these things. No nested modules, but - OK. I agree that you should keep things simple to avoid something similar til Visual Composer, which in my opinion is all too complex.
But - there’s no short code plugin that is advisable to make like columns inside a tab? Just nice to know.

PS …and thanks for checkin’ on the anchor in tabs problem :o)

Hey Kjetil,

Not too sure on a plugin to accomplish columns within the tabs module. I suppose you could use HTML tables if needed. We plan on looking at the tabs module a bit more in depth in the future, but have no timetable on that quite yet. Sorry I don’t have a better answer there!

Yes, we do have an active bug report going for the smooth scrolling issue. We should have a fix very soon for that!