Move Main Nav Above Logo

Hi All,

I am currently building a new website, its my first experience with BB and I have to admit I am enjoying the process, however I want to move the main Nav above the logo, so it would seat just below the topbar, you can see what I would like to achieve here…

I realise that I could use the topbar for the menu, but I am currently using this for the text you can see and I have plans for that later down the road menu.

So far I have managed to achieve this…

Can you please let me how I should go about this.

Thanks Paul

Hey Paul,

Sorry to say but such setting isn’t available on our theme. But it can be done by modifying a theme file. I’d suggest using the Nav Centered for your layout as well as using a child theme. The file you need to edit is /bb-theme/includes/nav-centered.php, you’ll have to copy this file to your child theme, under the same directory like so… /bb-theme-child/includes/nav-centered.php. Simply transfer lines 13 to 35 to line 2.

Also, I’d suggest changing your display name here in the forums to something else. :slight_smile:


Hey Ben,

Thanks for your input, it worked perfectly.

I also changed my display name as well.

Cheers Paul

Hi Paul,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thank you for informing us. We appreciate it!