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Shootout to the users of POLYLANG and BB (plug + child theme) USERS:

Hey, guys! I know that my question is only partially related to BB theme and plug in, but nevertherless I dont know any better place to ask for help. I will be really thankful if anyone can help me out with the following issue. Main problem is that Polylang strangely affects in negative way the BB plug in.

I am working now on multilingual website. Initially client asked me to make it in English and Russian, and I didnt have any problems with it.

However, now, they asked me to add Chinese and Farsi. Translating to chinese wasn’t a problem at all. However, when I tried to translate to Farsi, I have faced following problem ilustrated on photo bellow.

Basically, my whole BB interface also translated into Farsi (which makes it difficult for me to navifate through it, but I still manage to do it).

Problem is that now I cant open the “Page Builder” window and make changes to any of the blocks I want. I wonder, whether it is caused by inability of BB “page builder” window to operate on Farsi? ))

Now, I am stuck and cant translate and make changed to any of the elements on my pages.

Anyone, using Polylang with BB plug in (and BB child theme) have faced similar problem?

I will be really thankful for any help.

I assume my problem consists of two main components. Firstly, is that Polylang considers BB as plug in and translates it as it would translate any other plug in or widget. Secondly, after it is translated (into Farsi) the BB cant operate on Farsi and therefore stops working.

Interestingly, though, is that when I was translating into Chinese, the BB menu wasn’t translated into Chinese.

So I assume if I can stop POLYLANG automatically translate the BB page builder menu, then BB will start working properly again.

Does anyone know or may be have some ideas how to do it?

Here is the link to the photos:

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