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Hey, guys! I have being working with BB theme and plug in for almost 2 weeks and it is great, though I still face minor issues and will be thankful if anyone can helpl.

Now I am working on 2nd website and problem is that on my browser it looks fine, I adjsut all width, content of collumns and other sections, trying to make it look all in order and on spot. However, when I ask my friends to check it, they open in on their computers (also through chrome browse) and everyhthing is out of place, distance betwen collumns is all messed up. It all looks messy.
Has anyone faced same issue? I know that BB themes are responsive, but I am sure that is not the way it should work.

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Hey Asset,

Sorry I had to move your reply as a new topic! Do you think you can share the URL of the page in question so we can check? Can you perhaps include a screenshot of how it looks like from your friends’ computers as well so we can compare? You can upload images to an image sharing site like imgur and post the link here so we can see. :slight_smile: