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Hey guys, maybe I missed this but how do I remove the beaver builder footer? Or at least customize it the way I want? Also, my header is set to scroll with the page but it doesn’t scroll on mobile devices. Any thoughts? Two more … How do you make a simple, thin column go all the way across your page? Lastly, how do you edit the width of your main content section? Thanks for your help.

Hey Josh,

Thanks for posting! Sorry I had to move your reply to a new topic since you had a few other questions.

Re the footer, you should be able to customize that under Theme Customizer > Footer > Footer Layout. If it’s set to Text and the content is blank, the Powered by Beaver Builder text comes up.

The sticky menu doesn’t work on mobile by design. Not really sure what you meant by having a thin column column go all the way across the page? Could you elaborate? Re main content section, are you using the Boxed or Full Width layout?


Ok. I figured the footer thing out, thank you. If the sticky menu doesn’t work on mobile, what suggestions do you have for users who’re “crawling” content, to easily scroll back up to the top of the page? The column I’m speaking of would be like a picture that goes all the way across a page, I would like just a simple “text” column go past the content and page width. The same way a big picture and the header does. Does that make sense?

I’m using full width on my settings.

Hey Josh,

You could probably use a scroll to top plugin, there’s a lot of those on the WP repo. It simply places a fixed button on the bottom part of the viewport where the visitor can just click/tap on and they get scrolled back to the top of the page.

You can change the Row setting to go Full Width. This should allow you to have edge to edge content.

You can change the width of Fixed Width rows/contents under Tools > Edit Global Settings and change the Max Width value.