Moving to new host

GoDaddy built our site using Beaver Themer and WordPress. They also used PowerPack for BB, but that’s a third party item. We want to move from GoDaddy to BlueHost (move the domain and the website), and I’m not sure of the steps I’ll need to do to get the site moved or what licenses I need to get for BB. I think I need to get a Beaver Builder Pro license and a Beaver Themer license (which might be included in Pro?) as well as the third party licenses. GoDaddy used the Agency version, so they provided all the licenses and everything. I want this to be as bumpless as possible so the site isn’t down for weeks. And I am no WordPress or BB expert at all, which is why we had them build it.

Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated.

Themer is NOT included in standard, pro or agency packages. The WordPress theme is included in the pro package. Themer is a plugin, an addon for Beaver Builder not to be confused with the WordPress theme that is included in the pro package.

Its all here on the pricing page

You’re right, now I see it. So Beaver Builder Theme and Beaver Themer are two different products. Too similarly named, but thanks for the info.