Moving WP install into subdirectory (or vice versa), UI breaking

I have a BB site where I did the following:

  • Install into subdirectory
  • Install BB theme and plugin
  • Move front page into root directory
  • Updated General settings to point to instead of
    And this is where everything breaks. (Well, the additional resources are not found.)

I’ve actually got a lot of other BB installs set up in the same way, so I think the problem here is that I accidentally installed BB and styled the theme before moving the front page to the root. (Usually I do that in the opposite order.) Perhaps somewhere in a BB database field or hardcoded into a stylesheet is the reference. I don’t mind going into the database or generated CSS to fix this manually, but it’d be easier if I knew where to look. Can you point me in the right direction?


Oh, well, who knew? Much easier than I thought. After trying many, many difficult things to make this work, it turns out that what worked was to deactivate the plugin and theme, and reactivate them. Apparently that made all of the css regenerate on its own.

Hey Dorothy,

Glad that worked for you, enjoy BB and let us know if you need anything further! :slight_smile: