Multiple form field seems to be always an object (even if empty)


Today I’m trying to update a website from BB Builder to 1.7.3. For this website I use a custom module that uses a multiple form field. When I set up this module initially I was using something that I use to see in your built-in modules to detect if something was defined for a multiple form field (as the content slider does for example) :

if(!is_object($settings->slides[$i])) {

After updating to 1.7.3 it seems that is_object (from the example above) is always true even if nothing was defined for the multiple form field. Did I miss something?

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Hey Nicolas,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team to assist your with your concern. :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, before doing so, I just noticed that this thread is marked as resolved. Did you somehow figure it out? :slight_smile:


Hello Ben,

I maybe made a mistake when I opened the thread but it’s not resolved :slight_smile:


Gotcha! I’ll be assigning another member of the team here then. :slight_smile: