Multisite Plugin Not Adding Content on Child Sites

Hi Guys,

I have the same problem as Jason

When I’m using Cloner plugin everything is ok, but it doesn’t work with the New Blog Templates plugin (it doesn’t matter if you are creating a new website as superadmin or a user is creating a new site from a template) and also it removes all the content from the template website.

Could you please help?


Hi Razvan,

We have an update coming out shortly that will fix this for you. We anticipate the update coming through next week. Thanks for your patience!


Great! Thanks Billy!

My problem is a little bit different, but give me the same result…
I have builded a platform who duplicate a website from a wordpress source installed.
ins this website source, i build a home page with the bb plugin.

The problem is that in spite of my platform use a script to “search and replace” in the new database of the duplicate website, and that an other script “search and replace” each old url in all files by the new one… that not work ! I lost the default beaver Build page on the new website.

What did i missing ?

PS : sorry for my poor english, i’m a french guy :frowning:

the plugin generate a node id like 53e2490d9f0d2. I suppose the problem is here.when i clone a website, node id are same. maybe they must be regenerated ?

Hi Alexandre,

Sorry to hear about this issue! Are you by chance doing a serialized search and replace on the database? The reason that I ask is because the builder’s data is serialized by WordPress before it is stored in the database.

Doing a standard search and replace on serialized data will break the structure that is stored. Instead you have to use a script like this one…

Let me know if that works for you.