Multisite with Domain Mapping - Plugin won't work?

Hi there!
I have been using the plugin and the theme. Currently I have been using it on subdomains and it has been working great, but…
I just domain mapped a domain name and the domain is working perfectly, but when I click ‘Page Builder’ it takes me to the domain name with no builder access.
So for example:
Before I was editing an About us page on Works great
I domain mapped to - Domain mapping works
Error- When I edit the About us page now- no plugin building shows. It just takes me /about/?fl_builder, but there is no builder.
I have tried FireFox, IE, Opera and Google Chrome, any ideas?

Disregard, suddenly it started working after I added a new user to the site. That was weird, but it is working now.

Hi Brandi,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thank you for informing us. We appreciate it.