Must refresh page in order to see edits

I am experiencing the same issue as this poster:

Unfortunately I don’t have any modifications to my Pre VirtualHost Include to disable.

I have tried disabling all plugins except BeaverBuilder. The theme is BB Theme default child.

WP 4.4.2
BB 1.7.5
Browser: FireFox 44.0.2

No errors are displayed or shown in FireBug. If I edit a page, it will reflect changes made to an existing block. If a new block is added or moved to a new row, it does not display until the page is saved and refreshed. I found if you edit the row that contains the missing blocks then they will appear once you save the row.

Thank you!

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Hey Alane,

This sounds like a caching issue. Do you have any caching plugins installed? If you don’t, can you get in touch with your hosting company and check if they have any server side caching setup on your site? Let us know how it goes!


No caching plugins installed, I did try it with all plugins deactivated as well. Nothing in the server setup for ss caching. I checked another installation on the same server and it was fine. I emptied the BB cache in Settings > Page Builder and that may have done it? It’s working now.

Hey Alane,

Thanks for getting back to us, and good to hear you got it to work! Definitely let us know if it comes back again so we can check. In the meantime, enjoy BB! :slight_smile:


Thank you Ben! Oh definitely enjoying BB - it’s my go-to plugin and theme now unless the site has some very specific needs or must be section 508 compliant.