My embed code goes straight to the bottom of the page

For some reason my embed code isn’t showing up in the row that it’s been inserted in. It ends up going below the footer. It’s a basic donation script that I’ve used many times before. I’ve tried inserting it as html and as a short code. It keeps dropping underneath the page footer.

embed code:
<script id="ch_cdn_embed" type="text/javascript" src="" charSet="utf-8" data-language="en" data-page-id="28974" data-root-url="" data-formtype="0" data-cfasync="false"></script>

Note that it shows up fine (in the middle between two rows of text ) on preview, but goes to the bottom once published.

Where did you add the code? The form is at the bottom because you added it to the footer, you can clearly see the script code at the bottom of your page when you view the source

Nope, I added it in an html module inside of a row between two rows of text modules.

It shows up fine before I hit publish, and then right after I hit publish it drops to the bottom of the page.

Well perhaps something on your server is forcing all scripts into the footer for “optimisation” The code isnt even in a html module, its right before the /body tag seen here Image 12-20-2022 at 7.14 PM

You could try the fl-safe shortcode to wrap that code in

Perfect, that was the feedback I needed. The problem was the Jetpack Boost plugin.

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