My first Beaver Build

It’s been less than a week since I discovered and purchased Beaver Builder. I’m actually an old school html coder and never thought there would ever be a visual builder good enough to use in a web design business. Well, I was wrong! Beaver Builder is now a such a key part of my web design tool kit, that if somebody tried to take it away from me, I would probably cry like a baby.

Here’s my first site built completely with Beaver Builder:

I really enjoyed myself using Beaver Builder to build this one and it gave me a good opportunity to get to know it really well. Please don’t judge the site by the images. They were what I was given to work with.

To all of you at Fastline - Congratulations on creating the most useable, flexible and reliable visual builder for WordPress yet. Beaver Builder is absolutely awesome!

Thank you for making my life so much easier.


Looks great, Colin!

Only one thing I noticed and that is the menu items do not differentiate themselves that much from active to hover to inactive.

And I am 110% with you on the thrill of Beaver Builder!

I use it with Dynamik Website Builder and the combination is unbeatable!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback Lyle:) I agree with you about the menu items and have since modified them slightly.

You and I are on exactly the same wavelength. I’m also a loyal Dynamik user (that was my overview of BB in the Cobalt forum) and plan on combining the Dynamik and Beaver Builder for all my site builds moving forward.

I was planning on recording a quick overview of Dynamik and Beaver Builder, but it looks like you just pipped me to the post. Just heading over to watch your Screencast now.

Thanks so much for the kind words guys! Love what you did with that site, Colin. Look forward to seeing more beautiful sites! :slight_smile: