My First Website With Beaver Builder

I am new to beaver builder and do not understand all its vastness and limitations. I really wanted to some layer here and make a more grid style site, but I couldn’t figure out how best to accomplish this with BB.

All that said, here it is. Any thoughts welcome:

I think you did a pretty good job. A few observations:

  • Add navigation to your inside pages
  • Remove dummy text from bottom of Hospitality page under About Us and Contact Us
  • Remove Hello World post for 11/15
  • customize your permalinks
  • the link to Hospitality Communities doesn’t work


Did you use a BB Theme or built it from scratch?

Christopher, great looking site! Nice work. Thanks a ton for sharing. We LOVE seeing BB sites in the wild.


Thank you for looking. As for whether I built the site using the templates, to some degree. A lot of what I did was take bits and pieces for the templates after I did some graphic design work on my layout.

Is there any access to other BB user’s templates? I feel like that would be an incredible resource to have.

Hi Christopher, your site looks really good - thank you for sharing


There’s not a whole lot of folks sharing templates yet. We hope this changes!

The best to look would probably be in our community Facebook and Slack channels: